Management Services

Management Consultant/Turnaround Specialists

We implemented a cultural change at manufacturing units and corporate office of a well-known business group using interventions such as Trainings, Counselling, Mentoring, Goal Setting, Competency Mapping, Gap Analysis, Management by Objectives / Management by Exception, Succession Planning etc.

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We nurtured the turnaround of an ailing factory of a manufacturing organization wherein we helped the management to achieve an exponential growth in production and sales with the same resources by proper handling of human resources and providing them the direction and guidance. In turnaround assignments, arresting the losses itself is a big saving for Promoters as they are already incurring those from their pockets.

We played an important role for a leading Pharmaceutical Company in implementing a mindset change process by introducing their PAN India Sales Team to the process of Goal Setting and helping them merge the same with their formal PMS process through training sessions.

We provided our services to a leading super specialty hospital in modifying their systems and structures in a way that they can get various accreditations from Audit agencies by introduction of successful Management structure to all the employees from the lowest to the highest level covering the top level Directors, well known Doctors as well as the MD and CEO of the organization.

We at Kapgrow claim ourselves to be the experts of all domains. We are the turnaround specialists or the CRISIS MANAGERS. We seek not rest but transformation. We commit only what we can deliver. We give an insight to our clients on their organization, a perspective and vision on their work they themselves might have not analyzed.

We inspire them to dream through Heart and see them turning into a reality!

We work as a Management consultants/Crisis Managers for the company’s seeking to guide a business through a crisis and back on the road of profitability across every major industry. We have a team that is dedicated to counsel and provide independent solutions to these companies.

Our experts take a closer look at how you do business and see what changes you can make. By looking at every aspect of your business, we discover the ways you can save money. You might restructure business policies and methodologies so you approach your current business practices in a more productive and efficient manner. The return on investment you make by partnering with us shall be very high and shall help the organization grow exponentially.

We have a dedicated and experienced team that takes care of reviving an under-performing or ailing business unit. Turnaround of an under-performing unit is a professionally satisfying and rewarding experience. Turning it around demands specialised skills, good judgement and confidence that we bring on board for you.

  • Change Management
  • Analyzing situations
  • People Management
  • Organization structure change
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Organizational Improvement and path to profitability
img Change is the only constant in this world. All organizations are operating in a dynamic environment where change is imperative whether they like it or not.

Sometimes the change process is triggered internally whereas at other times we are forced to change due to external factors. In either case, you need to act fast and keep pace with the changing environment in order to survive in the market and have a smooth sailing.

Employees usually resist change. Owners and seniors too can resist change in their own way! Its Human Nature to resist change as it forces us to move out of the comfort zone.

However, if change is not handled properly, it would disturb the organization, its people and the business seriously.

We have specific models focused on the science and art of Change Management. These include interventions and processes targeted at the collective level as well as assistance provided to individuals to cope with change. We have the expertise to help you achieve exponential growth by introducing as well as managing the cultural and other changes.

In case you are a family owned business looking to professionalize the set up and are stuck with your trusted people, please feel free to contact us for a discussion to have a perspective on the matter and we would suggest you the path forward. We can partner with you to professionalise the organization by putting in various systems and structures and hand it back to you once the same stabilizes.